Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kutai Kartanegara Bridge

Visiting to East Kalimantan, was less memorable without enjoying the beauty of the bridge Kukar. This bridge is a large and long bridge across the River Mahakam, Tenggarong, Kutai regency.Kukar Bridge is the primary means of connecting between the City and the City of Samarinda Tenggarong separated by the Mahakam River area of ​​400-700 meters. In addition to facilitate access to both cities, this bridge also facilitates the transport antarkecamatan and kabupaten in the province of East Kalimantan. Bridge which has a length of about 712 meters with a width of approximately 9 meters is a means of transportation as well as recreational facilities.


Privileged Bridge Kukar seen in architectural style and construction of a beautiful and majestic, like the Golden Gate Bridge in Sanfrancisco, USA. Splendor was visible on the bridge foundation structure made of steel measuring 0.6 meters and 1 meter, with a field-grade concrete K-225. In addition, two major pillars with a height of 49 meters, consists of 12 meters and 37 meters of concrete columns, steel columns are coupled with the type of branching also add to the splendor of this bridge.

The beauty of this bridge appears on the second main pillar is decorated with hundreds of lights in various sizes. Hundreds of the lights neatly along the fence there is also the right and left of the bridge. At night, these lights produce a variety of colorful spectrum of light that adds an exotic aquatic mammal Bridge. In addition, the fence on either side of the bridge looks lined neatly to form a cone angle, which is based on the main pillar of the bridge.

In the evening, from the bridge, visitors can see the traffic passing fishing boat carrying fish catch. Passing boat also was crowded when the morning. At this time, the wind is not blowing hard, so that fishermen could freely run the boat out to sea.

After enjoying the scenery around this bridge, visitors can buy fresh water fish ponds of the farmers on the outskirts of the Mahakam River, with the condition of the fish is still fresh.

For tourists who want to go on the tour can be visited Kumala Island, not far from this bridge. The island which has 75 hectares of this area is a small island which is a fairly well-known recreation area in East Kalimantan. In this island there is a tower of view that can be used to view the area from a height Tenggarong and Samarinda. In addition, Kumala Island also has a wide range of play is quite interesting, like a mini train, cable car, jet coasters, and others. To reach the island, visitors can rent a fishing boat from the Bridge Kukar.

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