Monday, November 5, 2012

Ijen Crater, Crater Which Can Dissolve Human Body

If you are in eastern Java, especially the lovers of adventure, the sights not to be missed one ini.Kawah ijen Bondowoso located on the border and has beautiful natural banyuwangi menakjubkan.Untuk towards the crater you have to walk about two hours through the streets berpasir.Namun trail after arriving at the crater ijen tiredness will disappear replaced with a sense of awe to see the beauty of the turquoise-colored crater combined with bright blue skies and green forests around kawah.One more interesting than ijen crater, the crater could dissolve the human body.

Geographically located in the crater ijen Park Reserve Travel Ijen located in the District of slippery, Banyuwangi and Sub Klobang, Bondowoso.Kawah district is located on a mountain top ijen which is a row of volcanoes such as Mount Bromo, East Java, Mount Merapi and Mount semeru. Or rather ijen mountain located east merapi.Gunung Mount Merapi volcano is not available in Central Java, East Java also exist in the mountain called Mount Merapi.

Crater with an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level is located in the center of the caldera is the island's widest jawa.Kaldera volcanic feature formed by the collapse of land following the eruption of the caldera itself vulkanik.Ukuran is 20 km while ijen crater measuring 960 meters x 600 meters with depth of 200 meter.Yang interesting is able to dissolve the crater is because the body manusia.Hal pH or acidity of the crater ijen very low, around nol.Dengan pH numbers are close to zero it can dissolve human body with the temperature of the crater quickly. Beside ijen also very high, at about 200 degrees centigrade.

Behind the numbers are daunting, craters ijen save natural charm to the amazing crater ijen. You need along the path down the cliff caldera for about two hours. But do not forget to bring a mask, because sometimes the wind blows the smoke of sulfur will disturb your trip . Having reached the crater ijen, then tiredness will pay off with a natural beauty that you will get. If you come in the morning it is green, bluish crater accompanied the setting sun on a golden yellow. Besides that cold temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius even up to 2 degrees Celsius in the thick fog that blanketed accompanied trees provide sensation.

To reach the crater can be reached from Surabaya ijen towards Bondowoso and banyuwangi. The distance from Surabaya to Banyuwangi Bondowoso and about 200 Km. If you are past the point of Banyuwangi, be prepared to pass the road condition is quite damage. It ussually that this path is the climber to to climb Mount Ijen. Rute can be reached by passing through Banyuwangi-smooth-pink-paltuding.Dari Paltuding this you have to walk away because there's only path to the crater ijen. But Bondowoso if you pass the line, road conditions are relatively good. This path can be reached by route-Wonosari Bondowoso-Sempol and last Paltuding

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buya Sabe, Woven Fabric from Donggala

Donggala sheath is woven Donggala local specialty, called BuyaSabe. The sound of pounding balida who met with a traditional loompegs are distinctive voice sounds Limboro Village, Central District of Banawa, Donggala. Balida is a long ironwood or ebony is the ballast in the folds of fabric weaver while entering threads.

Sabe or Sarong Donggala, the raw material of silk thread Created by a middle aged women aged 50 60 years and 12 20 years old girl. Among other things, cloth palekat garusu, buya Bomba, buya Sabe, a combination of Bomba Bomba and sabe Corak Buya the most difficult, can take up to two months of work. Unlike the other patterns just weeks. Sabe Buya weaving can be found along Limboro, Salu Bomba, Tosale, Towale and Kolakola west Donggala City.

The village is famous for
its cloth  Towale tenunnya called Sabe or sarong weaving Buya Donggala. The fabric is woven using silk thread is naturally colored, mostly taking black, purple and yellow.

sale price was higher than Buya Sabe, could reach Rp.600,000 per fabric. The complexity of the manufacturing processand the quickness of a special expertise in the weave, it is natural that a new fabric so after take 1 2 weeks or even months.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tira Tangka Balang Festive

Murung Raya Society in the District have a special cultural festival called Tira Tangka Balang festival. Tira Tangka Balang Festival is a race event of art, culture, and traditional sport in Central Kalimantan. This festival always attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists because it displays the various cultures of Central Kalimantan, which can not be found elsewhere. Festival held each year has now become a cultural icon of pride of Murung Raya district.

Tira is actually the motto Tangka Balang Murung Raya District taken from the Borneo Dayak language. Tira Tangka advice Balang a sentence which means "If work must be thoroughly". The sentence that is the motto of the community spirit in Murung Raya district and later used also to name the festival Tira Tangka Balang.

Various arts and culture that are contested in the festival include Tira Tangka Balang karungut. This is berpantun Karungut art and storytelling from Central Kalimantan. There is also a competition to cook rice using bamboo called pakasak lemang. Dance and traditional music is also a mainstay in this festival.

Common types of dances that are contested are dances from the countryside and coast. In addition, the festival also attracted the attention of Tira Tangka Balang are sons and daughters of the election contest as a potential tourism ambassadors from Murung Raya Distric

The race is a favorite local society is a traditional sport competitions. Among the kinds of traditional sports that are contested in Central Kalimantan is balogo and besei Kambe. Balogo is a traditional game using coconut shell from Banjar tribe in Kalimantan.

While besei Kambe is a tug of war contest over the boat in a river. In addition there are also competitions manetek or cut wood, bagasing or playing kazoos, mangaruhi or catch fish in the swamp, soccer or football sawut fire, and boat races.

Tira Festival Tangka Balang always lively in every its implementation. The festival was originally a container preservation of traditional culture has now become potential Borneo tourism. Participants who participated in the festival Tira Tangka Balang come from ten districts in the Murung Raya regency.

You are interested to join in the festive festival Tangka Balang Tira? You can come directly to the District Murung Raya in Central Kalimantan. The festival is held each year in sub-districts in Murung Raya district.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Enggano Island

Enggano Island is one of the outer islands in Indonesia, it is administratively located in North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province. The island with an area of 40 square km zone is located in the Indian Ocean waters

In the island of white sand surrounded by this vast, there are two attractions that beautiful and well known, namely Nanu'ua Mountain Bird Park and Beach Humo. In the Garden Bird Mountain Nanu'ua, there are two endangered bird species protected by the government, namely the Bird and Bird's Eye Enggano Enggano plop.

In addition Nanu'ua Mountain Bird Park, a bird species-limited distribution can also occasionally be found on the farm, especially coconut plantations, and open lands around perkampungan.Selain have two beautiful tourist sites, the island also has a privilege Enggano others, namely the very dense mangrove forests that naturally serves as a barrier rate of coastal erosion.
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